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    Who we are

    Who we are

    The Maltese-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Malta is a freely elected association of businessmen and tourism operators – Maltese, Italian and also of other nationalities – whose aim is to promote economic exchanges between Malta and Italy.

    The Maltese-Italian Chamber of Commerce aims to:

    • Develop commercial exchanges be they industrial, financial or touristic, between Malta and Italy;
    • Contribute towards a better understanding of the two markets through the ongoing exchange of information;
    • Facilitate investment and the introduction of prospective investors between both countries;
    • Supply detailed information on rules, regulations and legislation prevailing in Malta and in Italy;
    • Assist both commercial operators (tradesmen or businessmen) whether Maltese or Italian in the course of their fact-finding business trips;
    • Resolve, (preferably amicably), disputes that may arise between businessmen in Malta and Italy.
    • Obtain principally through the Italian Chambers of Commerce in Italy and similar institutions in other countries information required by its members towards attaining their members’ aims;
    • Assist the businessmen of both countries in selecting their trade representatives;
    • Promote awareness of Maltese and Italian products and to facilitate their introduction into the respective export markets;
    • Enhance relations with Government Authorities, Chambers of Commerce and other Economic Associations with the purpose of improving trade exchanges between the two countries.

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