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    Cantieri Edili S.r.l.

    19 Via Francesco Baracca, 92026 Favara, Sicilia, AG, Italy

    Business Details

    The company CANTIERI EDILI s.r.l. draws its origins from the entrepreneurial spirit matured in 1982, born as an individual company of the founders, evolving over time, to the transformation into a Limited Liability Company (SRL) as well as operating as a Consortium structure, with highly specialized staff, equipment and technical staff with a wide cultural background and professional experience over thirty years, acquired over the years, during the execution of important public and private works, in possession of:

    • Registration of the National Register of Environmental Managers (source: Ministry of the Environment)             

    • Certification of Company Quality UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, valid.

    • Certification of the Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015, sector (s) EA: 28, valid.

    • Certification issued by the Company Certification Body regularly authorized, Qualification to the Execution of Public Works and Qualification for the provision of Design and Construction of public and private works, in the construction sector, of structures, plants and special works, civil engineering, , among the main ones the following infrastructures are summarized:  


    Roads, motorways, bridges, viaducts, airport runways, special flooring and superstructures, and related complementary works of road signs, road safety barriers  


    TOPOGRAPHIC DETECTORS with specific entrepreneurial organization and possession of Topographic Instrumentation for aerophotogrammetric surveys, satellite, consisting of:

    • Remote-controlled multi-rotor DRONS, integrated GPS, video cameras and instrumentation for Aero-Photogrammetric surveys, equipped with dedicated software for aerial image processing, and aerofotogrammetric restitution in 3 D stereoscopy, of the graphic drawings with digital models of the terrain surface, with curves of level, in the topographic, geological and architectural landscape of the territory.

    • Base Station, Receivers and GPS / GLONAS Controllers equipped with latest generation Software for data restitution, for planning, calculations, accounting, direction and public works testing, and anything else necessary.

    • Total station equipped with specific software for surveying and monitoring of the territory

    GEOGNOSTIC SURVEYS and exploration of the subsoil with special means, also for environmental purposes, by means of continuous drilling, sampling of soil or rock samples and the execution of geotechnical tests in situ and in the laboratory, for reconstruction of geological stratigraphic columns of the subsoil 


    Execution of piles and micropiles of any type and diameter, bulkheads, piling and subsurface special retaining walls, tie rods and anchors, of works to restore the static functionality of the structures, slope stability, wells for drainage, waterproofing and consolidation of land.  


    Aqueducts, irrigation works, evacuation, defense and hydraulic arrangement  


    • for the production and transformation of electricity: photovoltaic, wind, public lighting;

    • for heating and air conditioning systems, electrical, telephone, radiotelephonic, and television, water-sanitary  


    Works of naturalistic engineering, green and urban furniture, earthworks, reclamation plants and environmental protection 


    Restoration and maintenance of monumental, architectural, cultural and environmental buildings and complexes subject to protection


    Civil and industrial buildings in masonry, reinforced concrete and steel  And a vast fleet of machinery, vehicles and various shipbuilding equipment for:  

    Geognostic surveys and land consolidation.

    • PROBES and REVOLVES hydraulic drilling rigs equipped with rods, complete WIRELINE coil propellers for deep continuous drilling; HAMMERS Bottom hole, COMPRESSORS, etcc ...  

    Earth moving machines:

    • Tracked EXCAVATORS, MECHANICAL SHOVEL tracked loader, multi-function EXHAUST rubberized with rear catenary; MINI EXCAVATOR with rubber tracks, TERNA wheeled, MINI PALE Loaders, equipped with accessories for use: spoons, wrecker, brush, brush cutter, asphalt cutter, scarifier, forks, etc ...  

    Road transport machines:


    Lifting machines:

    • Truck cranes oleodynamic, telescopic ELEVATORS, forklift trucks with cantilever forks,  

    Machines for harnessing communication infrastructures:

    • COMPRESSOR ROLLER, ROAD MARKING MACHINES for horizontal road signs,  

    Machines for naturalistic engineering works, green works

    • Agricultural crawler tractor equipped with accessories for use, tracked TRIMPERS, DRILLING MACHINE for planting,  

    Various equipment for construction

    Metal scaffolding, metallic carpentry, etcc ...

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    19 Via Francesco Baracca, 92026 Favara, Sicilia, AG, Italy

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