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Thanks of Legal Notice 201 of 2022 the new parent's will be a better balance between their person and family life and their career.

Malta transposed Directive (EU) 2019/1158 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on work-life balance for parents and carers and repealing Council Directive 2010/18/EU, and now the parents they will no longer have to choose if they prefer working or having a family.

 Most significantly, the Directive introduces paternity leave, carers’ leave, flexible working arrangements and new and improved requirements for parental leave.Effectively, the Legal Notice injects a new notion into Maltese law - fathers and equivalent second parents will be entitled to ten days of paid leave immediately after the birth or adoption of their child.It can be availed of regardless of the period of employment at the time of birth or adoption and regardless of family or marital status.Additionally, the Legal Notice has improved conditions for the already-existing parental leave entitlement, regulated by Subsidiary Legislation 452.78, Parental Leave Entitlement Regulations (Now Repealed).

Now, each parent is entitled to four months of parental leave, two of which are paid (at the same rate established for the sickness benefit entitlement under the Social Security Act) and are transferrable. Alternatively, an agreement stipulating otherwise may be reached between the employer and the employee. Parents may benefit from this entitlement if they have been in employment with the same employer for a continuous period of at least twelve (12) months. Should an employee have an existing balance of parental leave when changing employer or employment, the leave balance is transferred accordingly. The Legal Notice has introduced another notion to improve working arrangements for both parents and carers.

The Legal Notice comes into force on 2 August 2022, the deadline set forth by the Directive and it will be applicable to any employment contract, including fixed or indefinite contracts and full-time or part-time contracts, contracted under Maltese legislation.







Bitcoin-revolution-WH-1“Bitcoin is now considered an investable asset” – reads the first sentence of the interview with Mathew McDermott, Global Head of Digital Assets at Goldman Sachs in the newly-issued report by the bank. With the recent buzz in the news about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano we wanted to discuss how Malta has for a long time now had an open-door policy on this new class of assets.

Malta was at the forefront of regulating transactions involving cryptocurrency. Besides providing for a sophisticated regulatory regime for digital assets, in 2018 Malta also introduced tax guidelines on transactions involving digital assets, including cryptocurrencies.

Income Tax

The Malta Commissioner for Revenue has adopted quite a straightforward approach to the treatment of cryptocurrencies for income tax purposes. All the old principles and jurisprudence in relation to income and capital is by analogy applicable to transactions involving cryptocurrencies. Thus, the same questions would be posed when analyzing a cryptocurrency transaction as would be the case have the transaction involved “regular” assets. Thus, questions as to the intention behind the transaction, status of the parties, nature of the transaction, and so on are all still relevant.

The tax guidelines differentiate between coins and tokens with tokens being sub-divided into financial tokens and utility tokens. “Coins” are defined by Maltese tax law to be similar to regular fiat means of payment. To be a “coin” the cryptocurrency must not have features which would make it comparable to classic equity, bond or another type of financial security. Its value should not be related to its redemption for a service or a good (i.e. it should not be akin to a voucher). When such a type of coin is involved in the transaction, the tax law treats it identically to regular transaction involving a fiat currency.

Thus, for example, any profits made from exchanging coins are treated just like regular fiat exchange profits would be. When a company holds coins as part of its trading stock, any gains or profits are taxed as income. Any coins rewarded from mining activities are treated as regular income as well.

If an individual realizes a capital gain from long-term holding of a coin, and he is not doing so as part of his regular trading activity, that should not attract income tax on capital gains.

In our opinion, staking coins in crypto pools or in proof of stake algorithms or in liquidity

Copia_di_CORONAVIRUSMALTA_sito.jpgVirtu Ferries has purchased a new high-speed ferry for the Mġarr - Valletta voyage, indicating its commitment to the route, the company said on Thursday.

It said the €7 million HSC 'Gozo Express', registered under the Maltese flag, was designed by the Australian high-speed ferry designers Incat Crowther. 

The Gozo Express has an overall length of 42.2 metres, with a carrying capacity of 322 passengers, in air-conditioned lounges on two decks and outside seating for 40 passengers on the upper deck. 








  • Do you need a goggle mask for aseptic environments?
  • Do you want to solve the common lens fogging problem?
  • Is your maintenance and sterilization system not validated?
  • Are your operators having difficulty wearing eyeglasses?


if your controlled environments have these needs, the goggle cleanroom mask rental service meets your needs for a functional, practical and safe product, compliant with the requirements of Annex 1 and the EN 166 product standard.

The use of eye protection masks is mandatory in grade A and B aseptic wards and in any other environment in which protection of the product and the operator's face require their use.

Recently in a warning letter to a pharmaceutical manufacturer, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reiterated that the cleaning and disinfection process of masks used in aseptic cleanrooms may not provide sufficient protection to eliminate contamination. Regulatory authorities therefore require documented validation studies, performed using effective and reproducible processes.



  • direct or indirect ventilation masks
  • adjustable wearing system with silicone or fabric band
  • innovative anti-fog treatment of the lens
  • structure and lens compatible with autoclave sterilization
  • full tracking of the product by means of barcode and UHF chip
  • validation of the duration up to the maximum number of recovery cycles
  • stackable with corrective glasses


  • Providing an adequate quantity of masks
  • Customization of products per customer
  • Restoration, control and enveloping in a controlled environment
  • Validated washing and sterilization cycle at 121 ° C
  • Single packaging in double envelope with color change stamp
  • Clear and comprehensive labeling system
  • Collection of dirty material and delivery of the restored material to your factory on a weekly basis

With the rental service of the goggle masks Alsco you ensure a product:

  • durable, because it undergoes severe endurance test
  • systematically replaced after the maximum number of wash cycles
  • sterile (6 months), with validated sterilization and packaging process
  • completely tracked with accessibility of

eventiBelow is an overview of the main points of the Malta Budget 2022 presented by the Government of Malta, written by the law firm WH Partners and by the Tax department coordinated by Dr Ramona Cassar Azzopardi.



The first €10,000 earned from overtime by employees whose basic annual salary does not exceed €20,000 and who do not hold a managerial position shall be taxed at 15%.

Working pensioners: income from pensions will no longer be computed as income for tax purposes.

Tax on part-time income will decrease from 15% to 10%.

Increase in tax refund paid to individual taxpayers. It will range between €60 and €140, depending on the marital status and income bracket of the individual.

Reduction of tax to 7.5% on income derived by artists applicable as from basis year 2022.

With effect from 1st June 2022, the interest rate on income tax and VAT balances will be 7.2% per annum (0.6% per month).



Continuation of schemes that enable youths to become homeowners, including the payment of 10% deposit at the time of the promise of sale and the possibility to take bank loans by couples having a low income.

Extension of the Equity Sharing Plus where the Government undertakes to pay a maximum of 50% of the property to individuals who are 30 years of age or over.

Reduction in tax by half on the first €200,000 on sale or purchase of property which has been leased for at least 10 years to tenants eligible for the Rent Benefit scheme. No tax will be paid where the property is sold to the tenant himself.

The tax due on the sale or purchase of properties that have been rented, under the Rent Benefit scheme, for less than 10 years but more than 3 years and which were used by the tenants as their primary residence, will be reduced by half.

No capital gains nor stamp duty on the first €750,000 relief from tax on the sale and purchase of (i) immovable property which has been built for over twenty years and has been vacant for more than 7 years, (ii) immovable property located in UCA zone or (iii) new buildings built in traditional Maltese architecture. This also applies to parties who are currently under a promise of sale agreement.

First-time buyers of the above-mentioned properties will receive a €15,000 grant. For Gozo, the grant is increased up to € 30,000. This measure will last 3 years after the announcement of the budget.

 As of 12 October, buyers or owners of the above-mentioned properties will be given a grant on VAT


Cost of living allowance

The cost of living adjustment for year 2021 will be €1.75. The increase reflects the low inflation experienced throughout the past 12 months. The COLA will be granted to all employees, pensioners and individuals who are on social benefits.

Students' stipends will increase pro-rata.

Employee’s leave and public holidays

An additional day of leave for 2021 will be granted as compensation for public holidays falling on weekends.

Better childcare allowance

Additional supplement will be granted to every child born. A supplement of €70 per child, will be given annually to families whose income does not exceed €25,318.

Others will be granted an annual supplement of €50 per child.

Foster care allowance

Increase in foster care allowance as from January 2021 of €520, amounting to a total of €5,720 per year.

Incentivising local adoption

Maximum of €1,000 in allowance will be granted to couples who adopt children from Malta as from next year.

Increase in aid supplements

Maximum of €108 in aid supplement to couples and individuals with low income and who live alone.

Additional payment of €150 to individuals who are 65 years old or above and who benefit from the Aid Supplement.

Civil union and cohabitation

Amendment in the definition of the term “widow” in the local Social Security legislation so that in cases of death, persons who are in a civil union or a registered cohabitation are recognised as a widow of their partner.

Amendment will also cater for those circumstances where due to the death of one of the parties outside marriage or civil union, the cohabitation was not contracted or registered in time. 

Increase of carer at home scheme rate 

The Carer at Home Scheme provides a flat subsidy to the elderly who employ home carers. In 2021 Budget the rate has been increased from €5,291 to €6,000.

Expanding carers benefits

Retired persons will now be able to benefit from the Increased Carers Allowance and the Carers Allowance – an allowance for persons who take care of a disabled relative, provided that the person under care is not a spouse and that the carer undergoes periodical fitness assessment.

Introducing carer grant 

Budget 2021 introduces new grant of €300 per year for parents who must leave work to take care of a disabled child over the age of 16

Homeowner assistance and rent subsidies

Equity Sharing Scheme will be extended to persons under 40 years of age allowing the


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