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Thanks to the geographical position of Malta and Italy, both populations since the old ages have developed a close relationship between themselves. Whereby, later on this was reflected in their close cultural resemblances. Obviously, one also has to mention the commercial exchanges that took place between the two countries, which increased extensively over time, resulting in the consumption of Italian goods on the Maltese Islands.

In the past days, Maltese businessmen on the island knew how to speak the Italian language fluently and bought Italian products. The reason for this is due to historical facts. Italian traders in that period didn’t have sufficient support given to them to enter the Maltese Economy, which at that time being able to enter in the Maltese Economy seemed to be very indispensable, since Malta being in the centre of the Mediterranean, other businessman from the North Africa and Middle East came to Malta to buy the Italian goods.

Only in 1988, on the initiative of the Italian Ambassador for Malta at the time, Marcello Spatafora, proposed to Chev. Anthony Miceli Farrugia, a leading entrepreneur, and whose family was of Sicilian origin, to constitute the Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce.

The primary scope of this idea was that to promote and develop the commercial, industrial, and financial exchanges between Malta and Italy, and to assist Italian entrepreneurs in diversifying their operations towards the Maltese Market, together with also assisting local entrepreneurs to expand their operations in the Italian market.

In the first meeting held on 1st March 1988, at the Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce building (the old historical Exchange Building), 50 local entrepreneurs constituted the Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce, a free, elective and non profit Association, where the Chamber had to become the point of reference for those wanting to pursue their commercial activities between Malta and Italy. Till today the Chamber is situated in the same building.

The six presidents that have presided the Chamber from the very beginning are the following:

Presidents of the Chamber

Anthony Miceli-Farrugia              1988      1996

Louis Apap-Bologna       1996      1998

Louis Cuschieri  1998      2000

Marcello Basile-Cherubino         2000      2004

John A Gauci-Maistre    2004      2008

Marcello Basile-Cherubino         2008     

Exactly after its establishment, the Chamber opened only two days a week in the morning, having only the Treasurer and a Secretary.

An important role to be acknowledged is to Dr. Antonio Romano of Assocamere (The Association of the Foreign Italian Chamber of Commerce), who had for the setup of the chamber, his assistance in order to help the Chamber take part in being the promoter of the Sistema Italia, and also to acquire the necessary instrumental knowledge to support investment and exchanges between Malta and Italy. Dr. Romano, helped the chamber in having all the requirements, as to be recognized by the Italian government.

Indeed, on 1st July 1991, according to the law 518/1970, the Maltese-Italian Chamber of Commerce was recognized by the Italy government. After this, the chamber was able to join Assocamere.

Being acknowledged by the Italian Governement, the Chamber had now to reach standards set u by Assocamere. Malta’s joining the EU on 1st May 2004, increased the number of requests for services, for more information, the organizing of events, business-meetings, and other various projects, including European one’s. Today there are two full time employees working at the Chamber, and one working part-time.

The MICC up till today has about 130 members from various businesses. These reunite in the annual General Assembly, which is headed by the President and the Council, composed of 9 members.

In 1996, the Italian Embassy entrusted the annual organization of the Italian Pavilion held at the International Trade Fair in Malta in the hands of the Chamber. This has become the Chamber’s most important activity every year.

The last role of the Chamber, in chronological order, is that of October 2005. Here, the chamber became responsible for all the Italian Chambers in the Mediterranean Area.

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