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    GAL Terra è Vita

    - Piazza Libertà, 84082 Bracigliano, Campania, SA, Italy

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    Irno-Cavese's GAL (Local Action Group) "Terra è Vita" was born in August 2016 and includes the municipalities of Baronissi, Bracigliano, Calvanico, Cava de 'Tirreni, Fisciano, Mercato S. Severino, Pellezzano, Siano and Vietri sul mare. The population of the GAL "Terra è Vita", is equal to 142,127 inhabitants, it is the largest in the province of Salerno.

    The entry of the municipalities of Cava de 'Tirreni and Vietri sul Mare, which have an international reputation, has meant that the Irno-Cavese GAL reached vast competitive dimensions, favoring the implementation of extended cooperation strategies and the signing of partnerships transnational and an interterritorial one.

    The Local Development Strategy of the GAL "Terra è Vita" is able to give answers to a territory that until now has never had the opportunity to access funds from the Rural Development Plan of the Campania Region elaborating and implementing an innovative development strategy , multi-sectoral and integrated. This guarantees the best use of the resources made available under the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 for Measure 19 - Support for local LEADER development. The contribution of the trade associations and some of the third sector has been decisive and today the Valle dell'Irno can count on its own "Local Development Agency" which intends to relaunch its territories starting from the bottom.

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    - Piazza Libertà, 84082 Bracigliano, Campania, SA, Italy

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