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    Gradito Oleodinamica Srl

    x Zona Industriale III Strada, 93012 Gela, Sicilia, CL, Italy

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    Gradito was founded in 1993 by the will of the sole administrator and gradually, thanks to the acquired skills, it develops and grows exponentially. The key turning point is in 2004 with the acquisition of contracts with the Oil & Gas companies and the transfer to an area of 6000 square meters where it reorganizes its corporate structure. The reorganization of the company has created the basis for being today a reality that proposes itself as a leader in the field of exceptional lifting and mechanical maintenance of machines / plants with a specialization in hydraulic, has an organizational structure of design and operation able to manage all the production process until final testing. At the direction of the company, the director Unico Angiolino Gradito, assisted by his sons Alessandro and Giuseppe and his son-in-law Claudio Pizzardi, the organization is completed with an administrative office, a Technical office, a Sales office and an HSE staff as well as qualified personnel. specialized.

    The Gradito proposes itself as "Global Service Solutions" as it carries out multidisciplinary activities contained in three departments:

    - Lifting & Exceptional Transportation

    - Construction & Maintenance

    - Design & Technical Services.

    The Gradito company is able to carry out services and activities both on the building sites of the clients, and within an area of 6,000 square meters where the headquarters are located and a 1,400 square meter shed that is divided into functional areas dedicated to the equipment and machinery necessary to meet the company's core business.

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    x Zona Industriale III Strada, 93012 Gela, Sicilia, CL, Italy

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