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    IT Legals Ltd

    23 Level 1, Triq Giuseppe Calleja, MSD2270 Swatar, Central Region, Malta

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    Established in 2014, IT Legals Ldt (ITL) is one of the Malta’s largest anti-money laundering compliance consultancies and a leading provider of AML regulatory compliance products and solutions for the cryptocurrency, gaming, financial sectors and professionals.

    ITL specializes in “Anti-Money Laundering (AML)”, “Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF)” and “Know Your Customer” web applications and due diligence back-office services for Blockchain and Remote Gaming industries.

    ITL operates worldwide, employing an international team of AML compliance lawyers and experts.

    Alongside to regulatory compliance services, ITL offers an innovative cloud-based technology platform for remote customer due diligence, referred to as “AMLEXA”.

    AMLEXA is the first Artificial Intelligence Platform for the “Remote Customer Due Diligence”, that automates the processes of Identification, Risk Assessment and On-going Monitoring.

    If AMLEXA discoveres a suspicious activity or identify a potential breach of anti-money laundering rules during the customer due diligence process, our AML Back Office will analyze the issue and will report it directly to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) to determine the best course of action.

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    23 Level 1, Triq Giuseppe Calleja, MSD2270 Swatar, Central Region, Malta

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