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    38 Via Emiliano Morselli, 93012 Gela, Sicilia, CL, Italy
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    The company, based in Gela (CL) in Via E. Morselli n.38, was founded in 2002 by the transformation of a previous company operating in the sector since 1971 and participates in tenders for the awarding of public and private tenders.

    The company carries out its activity throughout the national territory in both the public and private sectors. In particular, realizes civil and industrial buildings, road works in general, aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, sewers, hydraulic arrangement and reclamation, earthworks and excavations in general; building, maintenance and restructuring of the electrical installations and of public illumination; metallic carpentry and structural components in steel; special structural works and consolidation in the subsoil; green and urban furniture, signage and road safety.

    In addition to ongoing private and public tenders, we collaborate with companies from the North and Central Italy and, with a view to increasing these professional relationships also in foreign countries, it is my concern to put our expertise, reliability and workforce in mind experience gained in the construction sector.

    Our company operates with quality, safety and competence, employs skilled and qualified technicians as well as high-profile workers ensuring the utmost professional correctness with seriousness, timeliness and compliance with agreed contract times. Today we are in a position to meet your needs purely with our staff and other resources such as means and equipment made available.

    The constant attention to the new and ever more demanding market demands, also makes possible the offer of a competitive and highly professional work.


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    38 Via Emiliano Morselli, 93012 Gela, Sicilia, CL, Italy

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