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    Malta Vocational Centre

    2 Azzopardi Flt , Parisio Street, SLM1225 Sliema , /, Malta


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    MVC - Malta Vocational Center, is an organization that operates on the territory of the Maltese islands.

    It mainly acts as a hosting organization and its primary activity is linked to the management of both European and international mobility projects.

    The objective of Malta Vocational Center is therefore to give the beneficiaries of the different programs the opportunity to have a cultural, work and life experience in this suggestive Mediterranean island.

    All this in order to improve personal and / or professional skills, enrich the Curriculum Vitae with the possibility of being more competitive in the labor market.

    Malta Vocational Center offers the opportunity to combine different services according to the objectives that each project intends to achieve.

    Organize and therefore arrange separately or in combination:

    the reception and accommodation in accommodation;

    the English language course;

    cultural visits;

    company visits;

    the internship;


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    2 Azzopardi Flt , Parisio Street, SLM1225 Sliema , /, Malta

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