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    file-1Health Minister Chris Fearne today announced a series of measures that will come into force as from Monday to intensify the fight against the spread of Coronavirus, with 90 cases registered in Malta so far.

    Addressing the media, Fearne said that Malta has now moved into a new stage. The first stage was when there were no patients, the second stage was when there were imported cases, the third stage was when people were infected through direct contact with imported cases, and now the country has started seeing local community spread.

    c5e84a9a28af57590c8de7b29c81e4959ed2b237-1584941811-5e784af3-960x640Part-time employees in the leisure industry are among the first to feel the economic shock triggered by the novel coronavirus outbreak, according to the Chamber for Small and Medium Enterprises (GRTU).

    “Part-timers in this industry – which is both seasonal and volatile – constitute a significant chunk and are the first to bear the brunt as employers will initially try to cut losses by not using their services until the situation improves,” Philip Fenech, the head of the GRTU’s tourism and leisure section, told Times of Malta.

    fileEconomy Minister Silvio Schembri has proposed a new economic package, worth twice as much as the measures announced by government this week, sources said.

    On Wednesday, Abela announced a €1.8 billion package aimed at safeguarding businesses and jobs. The measures, however, were criticised by the Opposition and the business sector, who said that only around €200 million are in the form of direct assistance.

    national-cancer-institute-Naihp118p8-unsplashIt is out of the question that schools will open during the summer holidays to make up for the time they were closed because of the spread of Coronavirus, said Malta Union for Teachers president Marco Bonnici.

    "If our teachers were currently on holiday, we would consider saying that school should continue in summer months, but our teachers are working and working very hard to provide material for e learning, so their summer holidays should not be taken away," said Bonnici.

    ella-olsson-7EhPbdAQG-s-unsplashThe current Covid-19 crisis is encouraging businesses everywhere to think outside the box, and popular local cooking school the Mediterranean Culinary Academy has taken that sentiment to a completely new level with the launch of its recipe box. 

    Delivered weekly (with contactless delivery available), the MCA recipe box contains everything a household needs to make three fresh, healthy and seasonal dishes in the comfort of their own home. 

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