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    It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we announce the passing away of one of our founder members, a past council member, a Past Vice President and valued friend, Mr. Antoine Vinci.

    He will always be remembered for his contribution and dedication to the Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce. 


    #AsiagoCheese #dellevenezie

    Free event, to partecipate - booking is needed 
    To make a reservation please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

    This appointment is reserved to Triveneto’s territory and taste with the incredible focus on PDO Asiago and Pinot grigio delle Venezie!

    Don’t Miss it!

    - ASIAGO PDO the flavour of our Soul -

    Asiago PDO represents the denomination of protected origin resulting by a great combination of history, tradition and local factors that can not be replicated, exclusively linked to the Veneto-Trentino territories between the provinces of Vicenza, Trento and part of the provinces of Padua and Treviso. Here, during the millennia, nature has met the evolution of the transformation techniques of the ancient local dairy art giving life to a cheese with inimitable organoleptic characteristics today known as Asiago DOP Fresco and Asiago DOP Stagionato.

    PDO Asiago Fresco cheese is produced with whole milk and matured for at least 20 days. White or slightly straw-colored, with a marked and irregular hole, it has the taste of freshly milked, delicate and pleasant milk and pleasantly melts in the mouth leaving an irresistible sweet and slightly acidulous note.

    PDO Asiago Stagionato cheese is produced with semi-skimmed milk and left to age for a period ranging from 3 to over 15 months. Straw-colored, with a small or medium-sized hole, it has a strong a
    nd tasty taste, which increases when ripe. Depending on the seasoning, it is called Mezzano (aged 4 to 6 months), Vecchio (aged from 10 to 15 months) and Stravecchio (aged over 15 months).

    formaggio Asiago DOP

    - DOC DELLE VENEZIE PINOT GRIGIO Italian Style Pinot grigio -

    Consorzio DOC delle Venezie established in April 2017 and during the last 2 year has already achieved significant results which are at the basis of the development of activities to protect the Triveneto Pinot grigio, since 2018 grape harvest 100% DOC.

    Delle Venezie DOC appellation represents the entire North-Eastern area of Italy, including the administrative territories of the regions Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto as well as the autonomous province of Trento. As regards numbers, 85% of Italian Pinot grigio is produced in the Triveneto area, making it the world’s largest producer in terms of volume. In 2017 alone, the area of land with Pinot grigio vines reached 24,500 hectares, with a significant percentage growth compared to 2014 (+37.2% in Veneto, +31.5% in Friuli Venezia Giulia and +2% in the Province of Trento).

    Thanks to this fascinating adventure, “DOC delle Venezie” is today able to take advantage of the strong territorial identity of Pinot grigio built on the marked climatic, cultural and anthropological affinity of these lands linked to the cultivation of the vine. It was the "know-how" developed alongside the rows of Pinot grigio vines that defined an entire community. That community today finds a reflection of itself in a wine that expresses a unique territory: delle Venezie, a synonym of Italian style Pinot grigio.

    Consorzio delle Venezie Pinot grigio DOC










    on Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th June at Fort St Elmo from 5pm to 00.

    Come and get to know your body!

    The first Wellness Village in one of the best venue in Malta with free fitness classes, holistic treatments, healthy food, educational talks and much more! Therapists from different disciplines will contribute to realise the event in providing Ayurveda, reiki, Indian foot massage, yoga sessions, Mud therapy, PDX Biotherapeut treatments ( that helps body achieve energy system balance, important for maintaining great health condition). At piazza D’Armi, inside the fort you can discover local healthy food and Maltese artisans for your healthy living in Malta. Body hydration and metabolism tests will be offered by Boody- the new health system available for free during the event.

    A full programme of fitness classes will be held by 25/7 Fitness Club in both days from 5pm onwards.

    For more details don't hesitate to contact the Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Date: Thursday, 24 May at 6:30 p.m

    Where: Istituto Italiano di Cultura La Valletta Vecchia Cancelleria In Piazza S. Giorgio, VLT 1190 La Valletta

    This FREE monthly wine event will cover the great wines of Tuscany and the new SuperTuscany wines.

    The event is organized by Mrs.Elena Napoli, the representative of Malta of the AIS, the Italian Sommelier Association and the Italian Institute of Culture Mrs. Elena Capobianco, head of the Frescobaldi vineyards, will introduce us to the new world of "rebel" wines, the SuperTuscan.

    The conference will be followed by a musical performance by maestro Andre Paul Huber on piano and the baritone Joseph Huber, with pieces by Donizetti and Verdi. READING WILL BE HELD IN ITALIAN WITH SUBTITLED SLIDES IN ENGLISH.

    Admission is free but PLEASE book your participation with an email to:

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Unmissable event and for the first time in Malta MASTERCLASS on WINES AGED IN THE SEA from Longanesi and Famoso Grapes. Cristina Papazissis Sommelier Ais will introduce us to wines refined at sea. Only for winelovers and for an esclusive market. Booking on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cost €35 (Masterclass and winetasting)

    Meeting for the month of April, series of the new series "RACCONTI NEL BICCHIERE" - 26 April 2017

    Event organized in collaboration with CLUB MALTA AIS.

    The guest of this month, the dott. Camillo Privitera, President of AIS Sicilia will talk about the Sicilian wines from the Etna area and the vineyards that are located between areas covered with snow and very fertile volcanic soil.

    The performance of the young pianist Leonardo Zangrilli will follow.

    The event is held in Italian with projections of Powerpoint slides in English.

    The evening ended with tastings courtesy of Primaterra, Ariston Dolci and Caffè Lore.

    PLEASE CONFIRM THE PARTICIPATION IN THE FOLLOWING MAIL ADDRESS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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