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    chuttersnap-eqwFWHfQipg-unsplashThe logistics sector is working hard to ensure the continuous supply of essential goods to Malta during the spread of the Coronavirus, but the ever shifting situation has created its own problems that require tackling in the sector, CEO of Express Trailers Franco Azzopardi said.

    Speaking to The Malta Independent, Azzopardi said that the people working in the logistics sector recognise that they are the artery of survival for the country, and stressed that given that Malta is isolated from mainland Europe, it is important for the supply chain to continue uninterrupted.

    lombard-bank-logoLombard Bank Malta p.l.c. (the ‘Bank’) advises that it is closely monitoring the situation resulting from the events relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects which these may have on the Bank’s stakeholders, its operations and performance.

     The Bank has in place a contingency plan which includes various measures that are being executed as the situation unfolds and circumstances evolve. This plan is also being monitored and updated while constant risk assessments are undertaken in line with developments and recommended measures issued by the Government of Malta, Public Health Authorities and regulators from time to time.

    fileLast night, Transport Malta and Malta Public Transport fumigated all buses used in service throughout the day. This process will henceforth be repeated every night, Transport Malta said.

    Throughout the process, the operator, donning protective clothing sprayed disinfecting chemicals to eliminate any possible trace of the COVID-19 virus. Following the fumigation, personnel carried out the usual cleaning regime, under the supervision of the department for public cleansing.

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