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    a1c307d2378f89031d9c020c1c454bbcbb9ecd0e-1585294986-5e7dae8a-960x640A decentralised app developed at the University of Malta has enabled Master students in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies to vote for their student representatives, for the first time ever, using blockchain.

    “At this time especially, given the current situation, it was important to have a remote voting mechanism in place that enables trust and transparency thanks to the Blockchain-based solution. A main challenge to achieve this is onboarding users in a trusted manner – and digital identity platforms such as that provided by Vodafone provide a solution”, said Joshua Ellul, director of the UM’s Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies.

    file-2The health authorities are taking extra measures to ensure that an adequate number of beds are being provided to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak, together with having the necessary medical staff to man them.

    Concerns were recently raised that, while the health authorities keep speaking about the provision of beds for potential COVID-19 patients, that medical and nursing staff might be in short supply.

    file-1Lessons and lectures are still in full swing as teachers have had to adapt their work to the current realities and teach online, after the COVID-19 pandemic saw the government shut down schools to minimise the spread.

    Teachers now have had to adapt to working on online platforms, some of which belong to the Church or private schools while others are being manned by the Education Ministry alongside the Working Group which was set up.

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