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    malta business club 15marzo2017 aprire azienda malta

    March 15th, 2017 at 9:00 am will be held the Business Breakfast of the Malta Business Club. During breakfast, our consultants will answer to the most common questions and they will explode some myths about Malta such as:

    - Is Malta a tax haven?

    - Do you pay for only 5% tax in Malta?

    - Can I have a grant incentives in Malta?

    - What are the steps to open an activity? 

    speed date aperitivo malta business club 15marzo

    Do you want to meet new entrepreneurs? Do you want to improve your business network? 

    Participate to our Business Networking speed date aperitivo and meet new local business people.

    This event is held with the “speed date” typology: all the entrepreneurs must sit to the tables where they will have a 120 seconds to introduce others to their own business. When the time is up the entrepreneurs will switch their position to keep in touch with all other participants. During the aperitif any consultancy won’t be offered.

    Except for those who attended the morning event the participation fee for this aperitif is of 15,00 €, also for the additional person the cost is still 15,00 €.

    To sign up just for the Networking aperitif please fill the form at the following link:


    For further information please open a ticket on our website at the link:


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