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    Med Blu Economy: 50% grant for the internationalization of companies in Malta, Tunisia, Brazil, St. Petersburg, Gaeta

    The Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce is the promoter and partner of the Med Blu Economy in the world. The project was presented in the third window of the Lazio Region's Prospex program. The MED is an international event founded in Gaeta and dedicated to the development of the BluEconomy and the Sea’s Economies and Cultures, in the context of the geopolitical development of the Mediterranean. The "Med Blu Economy" will be the marketplace and meeting place for new projects in the Mediterranean with economic operators and industrial subjects who will compete to develop and promote new business and investments. The territories involved are Malta, Tunisia, Russia, Brazil and Italy.

    The mission is to combine two elements that are considered antitheses: beauty and industrial development, starting from what is the element of beauty par excellence, that is the sea, which we care to expand and privilege, accompanying and associating it to industrial development. In order to carry on this thesis, we need cooperation from those who are nourished by the same intent, that is to harmonize entrepreneurial development, subverting what are the territorial distances.

    The goal of the project is to make supply chains of the sea competitive, especially in the international sphere and the Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce has decided to support entrepreneurs who want to extend their business beyond national borders. All interested companies can participate in the project and have the unique opportunity to promote their business in the five locations indicated in the announcement, thanks to the activities and events organized by the Chamber.

    The project involves the promotion of the blue-economy exploring various sectors:

    Fishery promotion of sustainable fisheries methodologies and systems, shipbuilding industry promotion of eco-sustainable construction technologies and port services,supply chain of commercial, industrial and touristic ports promotion of green ports and of a widespread network of eco-sustainable tourist landings, transport chain and logistics related (goods and people) promotion of interconnected networks and eco-sustainable transport systems,supply chain of nautical and cultural tourism promotion, sustainable and experiential (land & sea) - Enhancement of agri-food excellences and Mediterranean diet (UNESCO heritage), supply chain of sports, leisure and fashion activities - promotion of related events, History and culture of the Mediterranean Sea promotion of an international campaign for the "Mediterranean heritage of humanity!”. Sector of scientific research activities and environmental protection promotion of river and sea water purification systems - protection of biodiversity, chain of technological innovation for security (port and navigation) promotion of control systems, prevention of accidents and management of emergencies, IT services (information technology) and marketing chains for blue economies promotion of an informative and interactive 'habitat med' platform for sustainable Mediterranean development in the various strategic sectors.


    Activities will start in September 2018, the total duration of the project is 12 months divided into 6 sessions:

    • 29 September 2018 ROMA (OPENING)

    • 11-13 October 2018 GAETA

    • 25-27 October, 2018 MALTA

    • 08-11 - January 2018 RIO DE JANEIRO

    • 14-16 - February 2019 NAPOLI

    • 24-26 - April 2019 SAN PIETROBURGO

    • 29 Apri 2019 GAETA (Closing)


    Participation will guarantee access to ancillary activities for the entire event regardless of the specific session in any case: 

    services and consultancy for sectorial and timely market studies that will benefit SMEs beneficiaries; 

    conception, production, translation (excluding printing) of informative and promotional materials, websites; 

    • making available e-commerce platforms; 

    quality certification, registration and protection of the brand in the target markets.


    In Malta we will organize the event in conjunction with the prestigious Rolex Cup. Participants are expected to: 









    The Med Blu Economy in the world project was presented in the third window of the Lazio Region's Prospex program. PROSPEX are complex projects, easy to access even for the less structured companies that intend to start a path of internationalization, which outline an overall strategy of territorial and / or sectorial promotion and are aimed at promoting regional production systems and the supply chains connected to them. With the PROSPEX call, funded by the 2014-2020 POR - FESR, the Region intends to favor the internationalization of SMEs by allowing them to purchase, with a 50% grant, qualified services offered by selected specialized operators and included in a special catalog regional of Structured Export Promotion Projects, with predefined services and tariffs. The non-refundable contribution is therefore equal to 50% of the total cost incurred by the PMI to participate in the PROSPEX. 

    SMEs interested in participating in a PROSPEX must submit a request to Lazio Innova, through the GeCoWEB platform, on time and in the manner provided for in the appropriate Notices addressed to SMEs.

    Link -> http://www.lazioinnova.it/bandi-post/por-fesr-bando-progetti-promozione-dellexport-prospex/

    Participation in the Prospex is also permitted to Maltese companies, which will also have access to other loans, through the SME Consultancy Services Grant and SME Internationalization Grant Scheme funds. The first grants a maximum funding of € 4000, which covers up to 80% of eligible expenses. The second one grants a maximum funding of € 10,000, which covers up to 50% of eligible expenses. Micro, small and medium-sized companies can access both loans for a maximum funding of € 14,000

     Link -> https://businessenhance.gov.mt/en/schemes/SMEConsultancyServicesGrantScheme/Pages/SME-Consultancy-Services-Grant-Scheme.aspx


    Become a member of the Italian-Maltese Chamber of Commerce to receive complete advice on how to access subsidized loans and how to participate in the project.


    BILLING AND PAYMENT METHODSPayments will be distributed in three installments for each stage whether you adhere to the single stage or to the entire program:

    • 45 days before the "leg" must be paid 50% of the amount foreseen for the next session;

    • 20 days before the "leg" must be paid 30% of the amount foreseen for the next session;

    • 20 days after the "leg" must be paid 20% of the amount foreseen for the session.

    The amounts paid are net of taxes and VAT due, if due, which will be calculated from time to time. The payments will only be allowed with traceable methods.


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