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    file-1Superintendent for Public Health Charmaine Gauci on Friday said Malta had 11 new confirmed Coronavirus cases after having conducted 249 swabs.  

    The first confirmed case in Gozo has been recorded, she said. 
    Gauci said another case involves an elderly person who had complications and is being treated in Mater Dei Hospital.

    She said that now that the authorities had have the first case that has complications, it was key that the public followed instructions.  

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    01c329aed1a7f8fff7d442fe01aa67bbMalta now has 53 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The majority of cases have been related to travel, some happened because of cluster contact and some others within the local community. 

    Prof. Charmaine Gauci said the fact five cases were reported (less than the cases confirmed in recent days) should not put the country's minds at rest. 

    "We can't say the situation is good. The peak has yet to come," she warned...

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    9fbaa609c03e7e1638ef5dae4f1afaccccf804c9-1584539520-5e722780-960x640This afternoon the Minister for Economy, Investment and Small Business the Hon. Silvio Schembri called our President Mr Victor Camilleri to explain that he never intended to offend the expats community in Malta and acknowledges their priceless contribution to Malta’s growing economy.

    The Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce confirms the full support as usual to Italian, Expats and Maltese Entrepreneurs.

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