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    2590cc9d4bce0f57e111fd054de112de669fffce-1584090965-5e6b4f55-960x640Five new coronavirus cases were detected overnight after a record 637 swabs, the superintendent for public health, Charmaine Gauci, said on Monday.

    Three were related to travel and the other two were local transmission. All are in good condition. One of the imported cases is a patient currently in Gozo.

    Gauci said that four patients remain at the hospital’s ITU unit, with one on a ventilator. Five are being treated in the Infections Control Unit and 18 are at St Thomas Hospital. 


    Five new cases of COVID-19 cases have been confirmed, Gauci has said. 

    Four of those cases were locally transmitted, with one linked to overseas travel.

    Authorities tested 432 people over the past day, for a total of 4,462 swabs since the virus reached Malta. 

    More than 118,000 people in Malta are preparing for life under lockdown, with people over 65,
    pregnant women, the chronically ill and anyone they live with ordered to remain home as of Saturday morning.
    It is the second consecutive day when Malta has registered five new confirmed cases of COVID-19. 

    But that is most likely not the true number, Gauci says. There are most likely cases but patients are not presenting themselves for testing.

    09d34afefa5c98c215ec5a98fda0c3df3b5f85c1-1585238717-5e7cd2bd-1920x1280All people aged over 65 and others who suffer from particular medical conditions are being ordered to stay at home as from Saturday, Health Minister Chris Fearne has announced.

    He also announced that the police have been ordered to disperse any group of more than five people found in the streets.

    In his introduction, Fearne said that although only five new cases were confirmed on Thursday - raising the total to 134 - predictive modelling showed that many more cases were to be expected. 

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