9fbaa609c03e7e1638ef5dae4f1afaccccf804c9-1584539520-5e722780-960x640This afternoon the Minister for Economy, Investment and Small Business the Hon. Silvio Schembri called our President Mr Victor Camilleri to explain that he never intended to offend the expats community in Malta and acknowledges their priceless contribution to Malta’s growing economy.

The Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce confirms the full support as usual to Italian, Expats and Maltese Entrepreneurs.

Following find the video and the full message of the Minister for Economy, Investment and Small Business of Malta Hon. Silvio Schembri published on his Facebook page:

"I am sending out this message to set the record straight in relation to my comments in Parliament about foreigners who work and live in Malta. My choice of words was unfortunate and I apologise if I hurt or offended anyone.

Myself and the Government are united in our respect to all workers, no matter of their nationality. We are committed to assist employers, employees and self-employed in these difficult days, which I am certain we will overcome together. We are proud of the fact that the Maltese economy has not only offered a better standard of living for Maltese families but it has also opened the door for opportunity for European and third-country nationals to build a future.

I would like to assure anyone who thought otherwise that we will not be terminating any work permits of third country nationals who are in employment. I was neither referring to any European citizen working and living in Malta legally. I therefore urge all Maltese citizens who rent out their properties to be considerate in the present circumstances and be more flexible with rent rates until the economy regains its momentum.

I thank you for your hard work throughout the past years and look forward to seeing our economy back on track in the interest of everyone living in Malta and Gozo."