Statistiche-NSO-2The annual census conducted amongst all the enterprises operating in the local aquaculture and Tuna farming industry indicates that, during 2019, the combined output generated by this activity fell by €69.3 million or 29.0 per cent over that recorded in 2018. Similarly, the intermediate consumption of the industry, which comprises the main operating expenses incurred by the operators, fell by €46.3 million or 20.0 per cent over that registered a year before. As a result, the industry’s gross value added settled at a negative balance of €15.4 million.

The gross fixed capital consumption of the assets held by the industry edged upwards by €0.5 million to a total of €4.7 million, while compensation of employees rose by €0.9 million to €9.5 million. Overall, the industry registered a net operating loss of €29.7 million (Table 1).

In terms of volume, the total sales of farmed fi sh fell by 5.5 million tonnes or 28.3 per cent when compared to the preceding year; mainly due to a decline in farmed Tuna volume sales of 5.4 million tonnes (or 30.9 per cent). In terms of value, the total sales of farmed fi sh decreased by €80.8 million, or 33.3 per cent, to a total of €161.9 million (Table 2).

As regards the various expenditure costs incurred by the industry, the purchases of live Tuna and fi ngerlings declined by €16.3 million, or 14.8 per cent, to a total of €93.6 million. This expenditure item accounted for 50.5 per cent of the entire intermediate consumption of the industry. Similarly, variable production costs decreased by 23.0 per cent over 2018 to €66.4 million; while selling costs and overheads fell by 28.0 and 28.7 per cent, to €5.0 and €20.3 million respectively (Table 3).