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    PALASER S.r.l.

    3 Via Italo Mus , 11027 Saint Vincent, Valle d'Aosta, Valle d'Aosta, Italy
    +39 0142456850
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    Business Details

    PALASER s.r.l. is specialized in the design and construction of steel, aluminum, stainless steel and light alloys, windows and architectural casings.

    Building on experience gained in over 25 years in the building, industrial and furniture sectors, he studies and develops innovative systems, using the most advanced technologies and highly qualified resources.

    PALASER s.r.l. has gained a strong experience in the management of public tenders, developing and carrying out projects with public administrations, such as ASL, Municipalities, Provinces, Regions, Local Companies, etc ...

    The field of activities and works carried out, some of which are visible on the company website on the Realizations page essentially refer to the following types:

    • traditional and special windows;

    • metal structures;

    • curtain walls;

    • ventilated facades and architectural enclosures in general;

    • metal coatings;

    • special windows (structural, semi-structural, punctually suspended);

    • countertops and floors;

    • interior coverings and various furnishings;

    • building works.


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    3 Via Italo Mus , 11027 Saint Vincent, Valle d'Aosta, Valle d'Aosta, Italy
    +39 0142456850

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