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    Courses in Malta


    The Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce, together with QuiMalta.it, offers the opportunity to buy English courses at a reduced-price with our educational voucher.

    The English course is ideal for all those who wish to learn English language starting from scracth or for those who need to practice their knowledge. Our English courses are of the best quality, no matter which school you choose or which course you take.


    Nowadays, not knowing the English language may be a disadvantage. Our suggestion is to come to Malta and study English.

    The courses are for all those who wish to approach the study of English step-by-step but in its entirety; it isn't only about teaching the language, it is about impart the most importans skills to cleverly learn the language.

    eng3You can choose to learn the basis, to improve your proficiency or to improve your English to travel, study or work in an English-speaking country. At the end of the course you will acquire theoretical concepts, as well as the ability to use the language independently to deal with daily matters; the teachers will help you to get through one of the hardest part of learning a new language: the diffidence in speaking with your fellows.eng2

    Do not miss the chance to practice your skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking in a familiar and innovative environment where you will get all the support needed to satisfy your thirst for knowledge!


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