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    Von Brockdorff Imports Ltd.

    Level 7, Airways Hou High Street, / Sliema, /, Malta

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    A & V von Brockdorff Ltd, is a Maltese company with a diversified portfolio built on generations of experience.

    A. Von Brockdorff imports

    We are able to organize high quality events for our clients.

    We offer a personalized service for local tourists who want to go abroad, and for foreign visitors arriving in Malta.

    We take care of loading and unloading goods, managing to provide efficient services with low running costs. We are in close contact with international exporters, including high-profile companies. We are the No.1 for the international transport of animals and a leader in beauty treatments carried out in the 'Beauty Center'.

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    Level 7, Airways Hou High Street, / Sliema, /, Malta

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